Meet The Veterans​


The photo below shows every name on the wall.  The TABLE OF VETERANS below lists each veteran by name as well as the branch of service and includes bio information where available. *Starred names indicate soldiers who were killed in action (KIA). 

THE EASIEST WAY TO FIND A VETERAN IS TO USE THE SEARCH BOX (desktop & mobile). To revert back to the full table of names after searching, delete the name from the search box. Names default sort to alpha order by last name. You can CHANGE THE SORT ORDER to sort by any heading by CLICKING THE ARROWS at the top of each column (desktop only). 🇺🇸

Any/All information we have on each vet is included.


Also, Visit our E-MUSEUM page for photos and historical documents.


Although the Salida Veterans Wall site makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of its content, it is not represented to be error-free.

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